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Here I Go Again, but...

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I have to keep telling myself, "I am a prodigy." I can do this. No, this is not any of my work. It is a book by my little 11-yr. old cousin, J.A. Collins, III. Eleven years old. And I'm over 66, just doing the same thing. This is another example of Young Prodigies and Children (a chapter in my book, Wake-Up Call). Well, I'm not going to be envious. I'm going to keep pushing. More of my dreams are yet to come. There is indeed hope.

You see? We all need hope, whether it's in achieving our dreams or just getting through a rough year. And boy, is this a rough one. While we are spending time with family, we may get on each others' nerves at times. We have to remember that family is all we have right now. But even the kids, who are also having a hard time, can realize that there is still hope out there. We all have to remind each other and lift each other up. Keep showing love. Love will help us get through to the end. Stay Safe!

Please check out and support J.A. Collins, III.

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