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Mental Health

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Mental Health. We all need it, and especially now. But I tend to be a procrastinator, so I missed Mental Health Awareness in May. I'm about to miss Minority or BIPOC Mental Health Month because July is almost over. Well, at least I'm early for World Mental Health. It won't be here 'til October.

I'm a procrastinator, like I said. I've been putting off starting my blog. Back into some of my old habits, letting other things and people schedule my life. Thinking I don't have time. But the situations of this day and age are presenting time for me and everyone else. So much time it may be causing again that bad word - depression - that I mentioned in my book "Wake-Up Call."

The real bad word right now is Corona Virus. It is not only causing sickness of the body worldwide, but sickness financially and ultimately mentally. The pressure of social segregation and separation is causing fear of all types. Everyone fears. No one wants a disease that could possibly kill them, so we stay away from one another voluntarily or by government mandate. Or we cause fear by trying to stand for our rights or our faith, not thinking of others' concerns.

We fear not having enough food and supplies while being self-quarantined, so we hoard what we think is necessary from the stores, not being equitable or considerate enough to share, and even fighting over toilet paper. When the stores and establishments have to close, we fear not having our jobs and enough funds to live on or pay our bills. Schools of every level close. Even the kids are getting stressed out. Government jobs shut down. Public transportation comes to a halt.

What do we do next? We watch and listen to news reports which breed more fear. We then get depressed because we don't know what to do or what will happen next.

Depression is helped by talking to someone. It can be a professional - doctor, nurse, therapist, analyst, clergy. It can be your mate, your parent or sibling, or your friend. I talked about this time being rough but it can be good as well. The perfect time to talk, even if it's not face to face. Talk by phone, virtual chat or Facetime, Zoom or Skype. You can even talk by writing a letter or card. Communicate your way into mental health.

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